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gameplay & faq
can haz hamsters
the basics

Taxon is a subterranean city set into the heart of a moon in a galaxy so far off it hasn't even heard of the Milky Way. The Earth was destroyed millennia ago (for reasons currently unknown) and an alien intelligence has decided to re-construct it based on the only available traces of human history: Fiction.


When your character first arrives in Taxon, they'll find themselves rudely interrupted as they suddenly materialize somewhere very else, and very unfamiliar. They'll find themselves standing on a raised platform (with steps, of course) in an empty, circular, metallic chamber. If they look up they'll see the device on the ceiling that brought them in, just as metallic and alien as the rest of the room even though it stands out. Here, in the arrival room, is the only time the character will see hard evidence of the computerized heart of Taxon.

The new environment and wacky technology isn't the only thing for them to notice, though. On their right wrist, for instance, they'll find a bracelet fused to their skin. It's metal, and looks silver, but is made of a specific alien alloy that won't negatively react to their body no matter what their species is. The bracelet itself is what links a character in to the rest of the city and allows them to use the hatches (see below) and program items into the city. Your character will also be bringing something special with them: a programmed possession. A character's programmed possession can be an object, a pet, or a location, like the room of a building, an entire building, or something more open air like a park or a beach. Mostly this is to give the characters a little taste of home to ease their adaptation into the new environment, but to be honest? The aliens just like to reconstruct shit. It's fun.

In addition to the weird room, the platform, the device, the wacky un-take-off-able bracelet, and their programmed possession (if it's in the room with them; obviously, larger things like a house or a tractor will have to stay outside), your character will notice a charming little pedestal on which they'll find their tablet, the Taxonian method of communication. Tablets are quite a bit like those really expensive flip open mobile phones, complete with tiny keyboard hidden behind the screen. Your character can draw on the touch screen, write, dictate, take edgy pictures of themselves, call specific people in the city or make huge announcements to everyone listening. The best part is that, beyond just twenty-first century video chats, characters can communicate through the tablets with a hologram setting that projects them on another tablet. Additionally, fitting with the holo-setting, there's a nice 3-D map of the city with a few fun features. First, it will have the character's programmed possession marked specifically for them to find, as well as other areas that belong to other people. Second, other characters will show up on the map as small dots with attached names. That feature, however, can be turned off with the right amount of gumption. Lastly, the tablets can automatically assume the size a character needs it to be, and can even shrink itself down small enough to sync entirely with the character's bracelet, creating a kind of comm-watch.

(See the full tablet user guide for more detailed information on all of the tablet's features, abilities, and limits.)

The tablet's map will contain directions and a homing signal (for those characters who just innately suck at directions) that will lead them to their programmed possession if it's outside the arrival room. Additionally, once the character arrives, the tablet will be set as a default to broadcast in [holo], giving everyone in the city a good look at their new fellow citizen flailing about. The character won't be able to leave the arrival room unless the tablet is with them; picking it up will open the door, and keeping it with them will keep the door open as they pass through it. Once they leave the room, the door will automatically shut behind them, and through a trick of programming the character will be completely unable to turn around and go back, or even find the door itself ever again. It's kind of a security measure to make sure no one can go in and either destroy it or reverse engineer just what it is and how it works. Aliens are, among other things, particularly paranoid.

Now, just because your character has left the room doesn't mean they've made it out, at least not completely. The arrival room itself is in a larger building, referred to as The Sanctuary, which is at the heart of the city. It's a nice, if a bit homely, vaguely futuristic type place that comes complete with small provisional rooms where the character can live in for as long as they like. Additionally, there are communal rooms (bathrooms, kitchens, rec rooms, bar, etc.) modeled with the interior design philosophy of "less is more," with sparse walls and simple furniture throughout. Your character will make their way through a few hallways to find themselves in the lobby with a very nice exit.

(For more information on the Sanctuary, who lives there, and what all it has available, it has its own page on the wiki for all your Sanctuary-ified needs.)

the city of taxon

Taxon may be underground, but that doesn't mean your character won't get to have fun in the (fake) sun. The city has a very intricate sky and weather simulation program that gives even a lowly cave in the middle of a moon a regular day/night cycle with a sun and a moon, wind, rain, and any other aspect of a location's climate. Every few months, the aliens will institute a kind of imitation, where they pick a real Earth city's weather records to model the weather patterns after. In OOC terms, that means we mods poll the players and decide on a city, usually every season or so. The current weather cna be located on each game community's profile page as well as the mod account's.

The city also has another special feature: invisible barriers to prevent the characters from leaving. Should a character decide to go off and see the world, they'll find they've picked a very impossible task once they get a little further from the edge of the city. They won't see anything, and indeed the landscape will appear to continue on in all directions all the way out to the horizon, but they won't be able to continue walking. In fact, they'll feel repelled, in much the same way the same poles on two magnets don't want to touch. Any character that has the ability to teleport, or a character with a machine or vehicle that can do the same, will find that they can move within Taxon easily, but any attempts to go outside the limits of the barrier in any direction will put them back in front of the Sanctuary in the middle of the city.

Inside the city, where one isn't getting themselves repelled or (usually) redirected, should be enough on its own to hold characters' interests before they go completely stir crazy. Taxon is a rather large city divided into five districts: Speares (North), Osten (South), Shelley (East), Wilde (West), and Central (in the middle).

Throughout, there's an eclectic mix of architectural styles from all different time periods and areas of history; the kind of hodgepodge city planning that's a side effect of cherry-picking buildings from all over the map of the fictional universe. No one district in the city has any kind of theme or regulation on what goes in it, which means it would take a lot of exploration to find, say, every building that looks like it's from the 60's. (All the buildings are also curiously high-tech, unless specifically designed not to be as a character's programmed possession. That means plumbing, electricity, indoor climate control, and appliances galore even as they maintain their period features inside and out. They are also, above all, fairly modest. No Disney princess castles here, and the only exception is for any Disney princesses who bring one in as their programmed possession.) The only building that will stand out as not quite fitting in any known style, at least from the outside, will be the Sanctuary itself, which sits in the middle of it's own public town square in the middle of Central district.

(A map of the city with links to established locations can be found here

finding a home

As above, your character can make their home in the Sanctuary for as long as they like. However, it's completely understandable that, at some point, they'll want to move out into their new world and get their own home. Taxon is full of, mostly, empty buildings of all different types, all of which are visible on the tablet map. Houses occupied by played-characters will show up on the map in red. Those that are empty (and therefore fair game) will be colorless. Usually, Extras (more about them later) occupy these buildings, if only to make the city itself feel more "full," but once it's understood that a character wants to move in, the Extras will get the signal to quietly move along and leave the building open for new occupants.

Now, all your character has to do to make an empty house their own is put their hand on a hand-print shaped pad next to the door (that acts as the lock) and it will be claimed as theirs. They can even get roommates. All they need to do there is be with them when they try to open the door with the lock and it'll be reprogrammed to let them in the next time they come by on their lonesome.


In the interest of not overworking the citizens of their fair city by making them walk all over the place, the aliens installed a tram service. Now, with four lines to choose from a character is only a 15 minute walk away from any tram stop at any point in the city. For more detailed information about the tram system, see here.

the extras

Basically, you(r characters) are not alone. All over the city, the aliens have put in Extras. They're kind of like the indigenous population of Taxon, only they're not quite real and weren't there first. Their purpose in life is, essentially, to look busy and make noise in the background. Extras run all of Taxon's facilities (bars and restaurants, for example, with the exception of locations where player characters have taken over), but other than very basic activities they don't have discernible personalities. Some have compared them to zombies, or robots, or robot zombies, in the sense that they don't have a lot to say and tend to just smile pleasantly and blankly at everything they're told. In the strictest and creepiest sense, they're model citizens.


To make life a bit easier and more convenient, the aliens have given the characters the ability to program items into the city themselves. How do you program stuff? Well, via the use of the handy dandy replicator hatches. A replicator hatch is comparable to a vending machine, and they are EVERYWHERE. There's at least one in every building (if not more), and the chances are that if you need to program something? A hatch will be close by, set into the wall like an ATM or sitting happily on a street corner.

All these hatches work via touch, and wireless signals between it and the character's special bracelet. There's a hand-print-shaped panel to one side for the character to, you guessed it, place their hand on. From there, all they have to do to program something is think of what it is they want, and presto! Out it comes. Hatches can program nearly anything, from already-made meals, the raw ingredients for a rhubarb pie, tools, weapons, clothing, and general supplies of any kind your character might need.

What can't be programmed? Anything that wouldn't fit inside the hatch in the first place (like a car or big shiny mountain bike) and anything deemed 'living,' meaning no people or animals. However, plants are okay as long as they aren't sentient.

item petitions

Should a character want something a little more, like a pet or a special place from home, they always have the option of petitioning the aliens for it. It's not nearly as easy as hatching, since when you petition the aliens they ask you to do a little something for them in return. If you want your character to petition for an item, go ahead and hit the items petition post, read all the extra information there about how, exactly, the process works, and you're all set and rarin' to go.


If you decide you want to canon-bump your character at any point, they'll undergo what's called an upgrade. This will involved them going to sleep as normal and then waking up with whatever crazy new knowledge from their new point in canon. The upgrade itself works by moving a character's consciousness up to a new point, which means you can't bump backwards or they'd forget about things that have happened in Taxon. As for OOC rules regarding canon-bumping, we allow one bump per character every two months without talking to the mods, and any bumped-to canon point needs to have been available for at least three weeks. However, we're flexible, so if you want to canon-bump in a way that doesn't fit with the rule all you have to do is talk to the mods and we'll work it out with you on a case-by-case basis.


Occasionally, as with all programs, the city of Taxon and its residents will experience glitches. This is basically an excuse to do weird shit to your characters, much like curses/viruses/events/what have you in other games. Anything goes, from wacky hi-jinks where your character becomes a toddler to more serious glitches like the loss of a soul. All we ask is that you go to glitch post and fill out the form for mod approval. Then, when the time comes, it's a good idea to make an OOC post to let people know why your character is suddenly five years old/an over-sharing robot/speaking in an Australian accent when they're from the Bronx.

Then again, sometimes the city itself will experience a glitch. Just some temporary difficulties, like everyone being unable to lie or that one time where everything went to hell in a very smelly hand-basket. Large glitches like this are usually mod-run, though we're totally okay with handing over the reigns to a player and love hearing players' ideas on what city-wide glitches they'd like to play through.


Taxon does, in fact, have a kind of economy! Characters will get 350¤ (credits) each month as a freebie from the aliens. They can earn additional credits by getting a job, and spend their loot in one of Taxon's many fine establishments. Or, they can just make their own. Additionally, any living expenses (rent/utilities/etc.) are totally free.

(For further information about Taxon's economy, see the currency section of the Expanded FAQ or the job request page.)


All the fun and adventures aside, characters in Taxon can still be injured and, in severe cases with mod approval (ask first, not last), die. If they do get killed, whatever the means, their body will hang around before being deprogrammed from the city, and then they'll be reprogrammed into the arrival rom after a certain amount of time. However, death doesn't come without consequences. Currently, you as a player have two options for your dead character: they can either lose all their memories of their previous life in Taxon upon being reprogrammed into the arrival room, OR they can lose a programmed possession (either the one they got when they arrived or one obtained through items petitions). Sadly, if your character has no programmed possession left then they'll default to no-memories-ville.

You can also kill the Extras (again, with mod approval). Once an Extra dies, their body will hang around for a while before being deprogrammed from the city. The amount of time they spend stinking up the place isn't really set, and mostly depends on whether or not anyone is paying attention to them. Then, after a few days, they'll be put right back into the city being their usual creepy selves.

extended faq

This FAQ only covers the basics, mostly because LJ only gives you so much room for a post. We do have an extended FAQ available on our wiki that goes into more detail about everything above in addition to OOC information, like a lexicon for common words in LJRP and a guide to find your way around the game's tags, OOC events, and chatroom. If you've come this far and want to know more, we urge you to read the extended FAQ and take advantage of our over-explainyness, and if we haven't covered something you want to know we totally encourage you to comment here with your questions and we'll answer them ASAP.

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I figured the place to ask questions would be at the FAQ, so! Does a character with a superhuman ability retain that ability upon arrival in Taxon? Thank you!

Yes, here seems as good a place as any other! And the answer is also yes to that question. Certain powers (if they directly conflict with the Taxon setting restrictions) will be either toned down or axed completely, but say the power was super speed, for example? The character would happily keep that. :)

Hello! I have a few questions, and hope you don't mind answering them. And since it is the FAQs as the other person mentioned I thought I'd ask here >.>

1. I'm considering app-ing a character who's backstory is...well in bits and pieces. Fanon has a pretty collective view on what happened in-between - is it alright if I go with that?

2. Concerning the point in canon taken from - would you be alright with a character taken as much as years from where their canon ended? It'd assist in personality developement as well as the superficial reason of PB choices.

3. If the character was to bring a room, would it be empty or have all the belongings that it normally houses in it?

I know it's a lot of questions, and no rush on these - I just like to have a good overview of things before app-ing even if it's a bunch of little questions. Thanks for your time!

It's not a problem at all, and here is a perfectly acceptable place to ask questions!

1. Yes, that's fine. We're aware that some characters can have patchy and/or vague backstories, so creative license/a certain level of assumption is definitely allowed in those cases. As is fanon!

2. That would be acceptable, although if the intervening years are going to have produced very significant changes in the character, you might then consider just calling them an AU version.

3. It would be the room complete with all the normal contents!

Questions are welcomed and encouraged, don't worry! You're welcome.

I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE TO ASK THIS so I hope it's okay. Uhm. Bit of a funny question: I noticed that characters from video games aren't allowed, but what about cases like Final Fantasy: Advent Children, where a movie is made based on events that happened in a game two years beforehand?

siajdka sorry if I'm being a pain


Characters from a computer game based canon (even if a film has been made out of it) are still not allowed, so sorry about that.

And questions are not a pain!

things of thingly nature....

01.) The tablet - all broadcasts are live, but is there a record of them? If one were technologically inclined, say, Nine and Hardison, could they go back through and see/hear old broadcasts not locked to specific people?

02.) The tablet - indestructible/untake-apart-able? :D Again, Nine and Hardison would be itching to take them apart if you don't tell them to cut it out. Also, Faith already acted like hers was indestructible, because I'm retarded and didn't think to ask.

03.) Hatches - same as above?

04.) Y SO SRS?

01.) There is a record! It's like going through old messages on a cell phone, a database type thing. All broadcasts that weren't locked to specific people are accessible, yes.

02.) Yes, you can't take the tablets apart. They're indestructible. All attempts will FAIL in an epic fashion. Also, if you lose them, a new one will reappear around an hour later.

03.) Yes, same.


So, having looked at the roleplay and gone 'oh hey this idea seems cool' I now have questions for you. I actually was directed here because I was looking into possible homes for... well, this guy, buuuuut he's something of a special case character.

He is Bartimaeous of the Bartimaeous Trilogy, on the off chance you've read it (why is it that so few people have?) and, if you don't know the series, the basic canon that applies is this:

1. He is a demon (a spirit of 'the other place'), more specifically a djinni. All that really matters about this is that, while he does have a material form (in this universe) it is INCREDIBLY fluid - he can become anything from a giant minotaur (which I think is the largest he's ever been; I need to review the canon some) to a fly to a wisp or smoke to a eagle to an exact copy of you, the person in front of him, to an eerie pillar of blue fire that smells of rotten eggs. There is a limit to how small he can compress his essence, and a flea seems to be about the smallest he can go. How big he can go is never detailed.

As he is a being of pure essence he doesn't really eat like you and I either - he can go a very long time without food if he wants, granted, but when he does eat it's not dead things. Corn on the cob or a hamburger would not do it for him, because all of that matter isn't what he really eats. He would eat a person and sort of absorb their energy; the meat and gristle and bone and suchlike only get in the way.

As a final note - in the world of the canon, magicians summon demons for all SORTS of things because they can do all sorts of things, so he's got a fairly impressive array of magical abilities (shield, compression, exploding stuff, illumination, etc etc).

2. He is from somewhere called 'the other place' which is, by definition, a place that lacks definition. It's basically a realm of chaos, in which there is nothing that has physical form or definition. It's very much an all is one, one is all sort of thing - the essences of the various demons there mingle together; they're sort of this collective thing. As a result, there is NOTHING he can bring with him but the other place, which is in itself an entire realm and UTTERLY incompatible with the city.

But wait, it gets better! The other realm isn't merely somewhere he belongs, it's somewhere he needs to be. It's like diving into water - you can go down, but if you don't come back up for air eventually you'll die, and the longer you're down the more recovery time you'll need. It literally causes him pain to be out of it for too long and, if he doesn't get returned to it for long enough, he'll dissolve into a puddle of essence goo and disappear. Now, admittedly, this takes a pretty long time but can happen. Another side effect of being out of the other place for too long, besides bits of him sloughing off and dissolving before all of him follows suit, is he gets progressively weaker. So, while when he's still strong he can sling around monolithic boulders like it's no great task (in one of the books he managed to knock over one of the huge statues from Ancient Egypt, after throwing the Rosetta Stone around as a distraction, for comparison), when he's stuck on the material plane for too long he gets weak as a kitten.

However, even if the other place did come with him as a separate realm or was here already, he wouldn't have a way to get to it, as the way he gets taken out is summoning, the way he gets released is when the summoning is released.

So. Questions are mainly this: could he be changed to lock him into something a bit more... uh... there physically? At the moment he really needs nothing, so everything he does is for appearances sake. I can't imagine he'd have much to do just sort of hanging around not needing to do anything. The other place is the second question: if he did get modified to be more... corporal, then cutting the dependence he has on it would probably make some sense as well.

WOW OKAY. Well, alas no, apologies I personally haven't read the Trilogy (it does sound very interesting though), so thank you for the detail, that's very helpful.

In answer to your questions:

Yes, he could most definitely be 'pressed' into some kind of less volatile more corporeal and obviously human form, though if you wanted to keep the shape shifting (and other) abilities for special occasions? That would be very acceptable, as long as they don't go against any of Taxon's fundamental physics (people can't conjure things from nowhere, no-one can teleport outside of Taxon etc, and if a character is TOO strong we occasionally dampen them a little so that they're not accidentally godmodding everyone all the time).

Also, yes, I imagine Taxon would completely cut off his dependency to the other place, because that dependency is obviously counter-productive to their aims.

In conclusion: locked form is good, as is losing dependency to other place.
Hope that answers everything for you, but if you have any other questions, please feel free!

Any special thoughts/policies on playing a character that's been previously dropped? Are they unconscious on an examining table somewhere? Or do they appear in the Sanctuary arrival room like nothing's ever happened?

They arrive with a clean slate as if they were never previously in Taxon. Obviously others will know they've been here before though ^_^

Just out of curiosity, is the silver bracelet thing described actually silver? Or is it just a silver-looking metal that won't burn into a vampire's wrist?

Yep, you're right, it's the latter- the bracelet is in actual fact just a silvery-looking weird alien alloy that doesn't even exist on Earth, and therefore shouldn't cause any problems for those of the fanged persuasion, don't worry.

-- quick odd question as I write up an app thank you, True Blood cast on dear_mun 8|.

If a house is re-created, would everything inside it be as well, or would it esesntially just be the barren house? By "everything" I don't mean other inhabitants of course, just-- decor. Furniture. Yahtzee kits.

ALSO-- since the locks are keyed in to fingerprints, does that mean if someone should come to live with them in the future they would not be able to enter? Is it possible to program the house so that, say, a trusted friend/relative/etc would have access as well, or are you the only one who can enter?

Fffff who DOESN'T enjoy being mobbed on dear_mun by our True Blood cast? xD

Yes indeed, the house would come with contents included! And also, yes, the houses can be programmed to let other people in and recognize more than one palm print, so no worries on that score either.

A couple questions. They all sort of relate to the others. So, the first one:

Would this game setting allow for Transformer characters?
-If so, would they need to be "turned human" for the purposes of being in-game?

And what are the guidelines regarding canon OCs? Also from Transformers, if that helps illustrate anything.

Hello there! Canon OCs are certainly okay with us, although we do have a 'humanoid-only' policy in this game, so a Transformer wouldn't be allowed-- and unfortunately we don't really do the 'turning human' thing.

Sorry about that, and I hope it won't stop you from considering applying with another character in future.

Pardon the character journal

I have something of an odd question.

Is there a policy regarding characters from plays - i.e. Shakespeare? I'm not certain if that would fall under books or what- if anything.

Wow, we've never encountered anyone wanting to play from Shakespeare before. Points for high culture! There certainly wouldn't be any problems with it though, we could possibly just create a new sub-category called 'Theatre' if you applied and were successful. Hope that helps!

Please ignore the random character journal .__.

I have a question re: the arrival post. In the application, it says that there should be at least five lines of speech... But what would you do if a character is mute? Said character is telepathic and that along with sign language are her main ways of communication, so would the tablet be able to work with telepathy or would there be something else to get the five sentences in?

Hrrm, wow, we've never encountered a situation like that before. However, as the tablets are seriously hi-tech I'm gonna say that they could probably 'translate' the telephathy into speech, as it were. So feel free to just put the speech in italics, maybe, to convey that it's not being said out loud? That should be fine.

Hope that helps! Any other doubts, just ask.


The sunlight is artificial, yes? Does that mean it'll have the same effect on vampires or no? I.E.; will Sophie-Ann go crispy in the fake sunlight? Is she screwed insofar as making it to her house from the Sanctuary if she arrives there during the day?

IT BETTER BE., questions are fine, really. Also, yes, the sunlight is artificial, so vampires can walk around in it quite happily without getting fried. HOWEVER humans CAN also get tanned from it. Because Taxon is weird that way.

Oh, hi. already considering another character (lmao, I promise I will make less typos in the next app).

are fictionalized versions of historical figures allowed as OCs? >:

I saw no typos! >_>

BUT anyway, in answer to your question, we'd probably do a case-by-case basis on that one. Who were you thinking of playing? Feel free to IM me (Lauren) on theangryenglish if you want to talk about it there instead of here.

Aaah. I really want to apply for this, but I have a question first.

The character has plenty of characterization and all of that, and it'd be easy enough to do almost all of the application, as well as play him. Except that, uh. He has no history to speak of. He's sort of a side character. >_> And usually I know that people tend to go with fanon but, as far as I know, he doesn't have that either.

So my question is, do I just make up my own fanon for purposes of the roleplay or just throw together what tiny, minuscule fragments of his past he may have mentioned (which is really next to nothing) and add fanon as I go?

I know people have mentioned histories and I'm sorry, but I want to be absolutely sure... "orz

Generally in cases like this we say: use whatever scraps of info you can get hold of on the character, and then just flesh it out with your own backstory. So yes, essentially that's creating your own fanon and going for maximum creative licence. A lot of canons seem to have that problem with side characters, so we're totally aware of that and prepared to make concessions.

Don't worry about asking, questions are welcome, and I hope that answers it nicely! :D

Got a question. For the tablets, there is a machine option, right? So if they use the machine tag in their own journal, do they respond to it in comment? Technically, it's like an answering machine, right? So if you left someone "an irate message," just like on an answering machine, someone doesn't technically respond, is this correct?

All posts in Taxon, machine messages included, are made on the main community. This keeps all player activity in one place and gives the character receiving the message an opportunity to respond in whatever mode they like. Just make a post with 'Machine' (or 'A note on X's door' or however you want the message to be left) in the subject to denote the mode you're posting in.

For a good example of what I think you're talking about, there's this post by Buffy leaving a message for Dawn.

I hope that clears things up. :)


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